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Various Artists: The World at your Fingertips (H"EMI"sphere)

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Label: Hemisphere Records
Released: 1998
Category: World Music
Rating: *******... (7/10)
Media type: CD
Web address:
Appears with:
Purchase date: 1999.02.13
Price in €: 6,99

 S o n g s ,   T r a c k s

[1] Rebecca Malope: Mmele Wajeso 4:27 (from the H"EM"Isphere Album: Free at Last: South African Gospel)
[2] George Dalaras: Kirothika 4:19 (from the H"EMI"sphere Album: George Dalaras: A Portrait)
[3] El Lebrijano: Coye la Onda 3:24 (from the H"EMI"sphere Album: El Lebrijano: Casablanca)
[4] Sabicas Farrunca: El Albacin 4:45 (from the H"EMI"sphere Album: Masters of Flamenco Guitars)
[5] Fairuz: Amman 6:58 (from the H"EMI"sphere Album: The Legendary Fariuz)
[6] Auri: Puke, Puke, Rose, Rose 2:43 (from the H"EMI"sphere Album: Beyond the River: Seasonal Songs of Latvija)
[7] Beausoleil: Arc de Triumph Two-Step 3:14 (from the H"EMI"sphere Album: Beausoleil: Arc de Triumph Two-Step)
[8] Ne Ladeiras: Carandilheira 5:12 (from the H"EMI"sphere Album: Music from the Edge of Europe: Portugal)
[9] Luíz Melodia: Ser Boemio 2:50 (from the H"EMI"sphere Album: Brazil Now)
[10] Simone: Canoa, Canoa 3:51 (from the H"EMI"sphere Album: Simone: Best of EMI Years)
[11] Inzan Tanaka, Hozan Yamamoto, Utazumi Kunishige: Komoriuta - Lullaby (variations) 7:50 (from the H"EMI"sphere Album: Lullaby for the Moon: Japan)
[12] Illapu: Cancion de Octobre 3:15 (from the H"EMI"sphere Album: Illapu: Sereno, Instrumental Songs from the Andes)
[13] Ebenezer Obey: Ojeje 4:19 (from the H"EMI"sphere Album: Ebenezer Obey: Juju Jubilations)
[14] Elis Regina: Sai Dessa 2:09 (from the H"EMI"sphere Album: Elis Regina - Vento de Maio)
[15] Carlos Gardel: Por Una Cabeza 2:29 (from the H"EMI"sphere Album: The Best of Carlos Gardel)

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Louisiana, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Nigeria, South Africa, Greece, Latvija, Lebanon, Japan

A budget-price look at recent Hemispehre releases. The World at your fingertips for the price of a song.

"Several of the finest and most enterprising releases in recent months have come from EMI - or, more particularly, its wonderful Hemisphere imprint"

Mark Ellingham, editor of The Rough Guides

"Hemisphere titles are custom-made for those taking their first tentative steps into a country's musical terrain"

Time Out, UK, March 1998

5 stars. Scores all the way through, partly by following rhythms, modes, voices, emotions, partly its roster of the best musicians you could hope to hear... This compilation scores because it moves fluidly between lighter, more upbeat moments to intense moods # a perfect balance

Classic CD, UK

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