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Café Del Mar: Volume 9 - Volumen Nueve

 A l b u m   D e t a i l s

Artist: Café Del Mar
Title: Volume 9 - Volumen Nueve
Released: 2002.05.28
Label: Café del Mar Music
Time: 77:03
Producer(s): See Artists ...
Appears with:
Category: Club/Dance
Rating: ********.. (8/10)
Media type: CD
Purchase date:  2002.06.18
Price in €: 15,57
Web address: www.cafedelmarmusic.com

 S o n g s ,   T r a c k s

[1] Beyond the Sunset [performed by Jo Manji] - 5:45
[2] Island Memories [Original Mix] [performed by Lovers Lane] - 5:21
[3] Desire [Ambient Mix] [performed by Blank & Jones] - 4:33
[4] Lunar Landings [performed by Kalliope] - 4:28
[5] A Day in the Sun [performed by So Fine] - 4:49
[6] The Cure [Sunshine Mix] [performed by Miro] - 5:34
[7] Troya [performed by Rue du Soleil] - 7:05
[8] Plenitude Pt. 2 [performed by Soft Wave] - 5:51
[9] Many Rivers to Cross [performed by CDM] - 5:26
[10] Time Is the Enemy [performed by Quantic] - 3:52
[11] Quente [performed by Trio Mafua] - 4:08
[12] 8.00 Am [performed by Lazybatusu] - 6:20
[13] Rajamanta [performed by Digitano/CDM] - 8:10

 A r t i s t s ,   P e r s o n n e l

JOHN MCGOUGH - Saxophone
BRUNO LEPRETRE - Performer, Producer, Mixing
ANSGAR UEFFINK - Performer, Producer, Mixing
TINA NORGAARD - Lyrics, Vocals
NONÔ - Guitar
JAVIER LOSADA - Arranger, Programming
PHIL TRIM - Vocals
GREGERS KRARUP - Guitars, Bass, Programming, Producer, Engineer, Mixing
JAVIER LASADA - Arrangement, Programming
PHIL TRIM - Vocals
4MULA - Keyboards
CORRADO BAY - Programming

WILLIE HOLLAND - Arranger, Producer
PIET BLANC - Arranger, Producer, Mixing
JASPA JONES - Arranger, Producer, Mixing
ANDY KAUFHOLD - Arranger, Producer, Mixing
DAVEY JONES - Producer
ARP - Producer
DRAX - Producer
GUZ & GUZ - Producer
DJ ALPHA B - Producer
BERNARD LERMIT - Arrangement, Producer, Mixing
BOB TEMPLAR - Arrangement, Producer, Mixing
THOTTRUP - Producer
WIL HOLLAND - Producer
ZINGARA SL - Arrangement, Producer
JUANJO VAMORISCO - Arranhement, Producer
JAVIER DEL MORAL - Executive Producer, Art Direction

 C o m m e n t s ,   N o t e s

2002 CD Universal International 429934

2002 edition compiled by resident DJ Bruno Lepetre. 14 tracks, Jo Manji 'Beyond The Sunset', Lovers Lane 'Island Memories', Blank & Jones 'Desire' (Ambient Mix) Kalliope 'Lunar Landings', So Fine 'A Day In The Sun', Miro 'The Cure' (Sunshine Mix), Rue Du Soleil 'Troya', Soft Wave 'Plenitude Part 2', CDM 'Many Rivers To Cross', Time Is The Enemy 'Quantic', Trio Mafua 'Quente', Lazybatusu '8.00 AM', Mr. Swen G. feat. Inusa 'Morning Light' (Coffee Shop Remix) & Digitano & CDM 'Rajamanta'. This CD includes one interactive track, where you will see pictures from Ibiza, Cafe Del Mar & his famous sunset sessions. Digipak.

The Ninth Volume of Tracks Specifically Assembled for Ibiza-ayia Napia-bahia Mar-style Chllers.

Für Café Del Mar-Puristen war es schon eine harte Zeit. Nach sechs Ausgaben der Wechsel des Resident-DJs von José Padilla zu Bruno Lepetre. Dann mäkelte die Plattenfirma bei Nummer acht so lange an der Songauswahl von Lepetre herum bis die CD andernorts zusammengestellt wurde und plötzlich - fast ein Sakrileg - Chart-Lieblinge wie Goldfrapp oder Dido enthielt. Die eigentlich als "Volume Ocho" gedachte Compilation musste quasi außerhalb der Reihe als Café Del Mar - Dreams 2 veröffentlicht werden. Nun könnte eigentlich alles wieder gut sein. Nach einem Wechsel der Plattenfirma darf Lepetre wieder eine eigene Auswahl treffen und weit gehend unbekannte Acts einem breiten Chill-out-Publikum vorstellen. Doch irgendetwas läuft diesmal nicht so richtig rund. Zwar mögen die 14 Tracks vor dem Hintergrund des tatsächlichen Café del Mar funktionieren, solange Sonnenuntergang und Meeresrauschen noch zur Atmosphäre beitragen. Doch anders als bei früheren Compilations mangelt es hier ein wenig an Abwechslung. Etwas bemüht klingen die einzelnen Künstler in ihrem Streben nach Chill-out-Sound, Originelles fehlt weit gehend. Erst Rue du Soleil können mit "Troya", einem Drum & Bass-orientierten Stück aus der gepflegten Langeweile der ersten Stücke ausbrechen. Die Interpretation des Jimmy Cliff-Klassikers "Many Rivers To Cross" von CDM erreicht die Klasse von Ausgaben wie der Cafe Del Mar Vol. 5. Insgesamt seien den Liebhabern des klassischen Chill-out-Sounds der weißen Insel jedoch eher die Ibizarre-Reihe oder die von Lenny MacDowell zusammengestellten Sounds For The Magic Island ans Herz gelegt.

Peter Grosser, Amazon.de

Pleasant but not not strong enough to recoup the glory days

Cafe del Mar's compilations became well-known for their luscious rhythm, that seem to climax in the middle of the CD then taper down again to slow beats. In my reviews of the previous albums, I mentioned that Jose Padilla did this marvellously. It always seems like starting a day and finishing it perfectly when I listen to his compilations: slow songs at first, then build up to dancey tunes, then slowly, without losing the beat, close off the CD with a nice and warm slow finale. However, after DJ Bruno took over from Volumen Siete (7) onwards, it seems that he could not successfully carry on this flavour. Volumen Nueve is similar to Volumen 7 and 8; if the album is also likened to a 'day', it fails to wake up and pick up: it says moody, slow and brooding. Don't get me wrong, I love leisurely-paced songs as well, but after a while when I need a pick-me-up with faster songs, the album stays on its slow path until it's too late (the first track with a more pronounced beat only starts with #6 - The Cure (Miro). However, even track#6 is still not enough to pick up the mood, because the mood is still rather sombre, even if Track#7 is bouncier - and that's already half of the CD. All in all, the album is pleasant, but it cannot recoup Cafe del Mar's glory days under Jose Padilla. Bruno probably hates having his style being compared to Jose Padilla's, but the thing is, Jose Padilla's style is one of the key thing why Cafe del Mar albums are so popular in the first place!

Arry Tanusondjaja from Singapore, June 8, 2002

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